Wednesday 18 November 2015

How to complete a Crystal Therapy Consultation

Crystal Treatment for Anxiety & Stress

My male Client came to me for the healing purpose of his anxiety and stress related issues. I gave him a glass of water to hydrate himself and then asked to elaborate the problems he is experiencing. He said that he feels very much anxiety and becomes stressful while facing any situation. He was feeling stress even when he was describing his conditions. He said that every new opportunity makes him feel uncomfortable and stressful. He is not efficient to deal with the situational changes. He was lacking adaptability with changing situation.

I decided to work with the crystals for his problems. So I begin with explaining to him about the crystals and how they are formed. I told him that crystals are very helpful for healing and manifestations. He asked me about how the crystals work? So I explained that the energy contribution takes place in the formation of crystals. This gives power to receive and release energy to the crystals. I also said that crystals can be programmed according to the purpose we want to accomplish. I gave him a little knowledge of the crystal types and their use as jewellery and in grid formation. I show him a few crystals that I have and in short described the healing qualities of them.

Then I asked his permission for the healing. I decided to use cleansing recharging and balancing layout to address his condition. In this layout as a healer I place a stone which fits to the colour of the chakra. This may lead to boost the energy of each chakra and while doing so it also takes care of the overall balance and harmony of the chakra.

I used red jasper (total 3). One was placed at the roots of the spine. Other two were placed each side of the top of the leg. Then I gave intention to them for balancing root chakra. This may help survival instinct and also balance the emotions of self defence. Thus it may lead to control the anxious nature. He felt strong sensations as I placed these crystals. He felt energy released from the root chakra.

Then I placed an orange carnelian to sacral chakra. This may balance the chakra of creativity and productivity. This may lead to creative thoughts. I did so negative thinking pattern can be controlled and replaced by thoughts of creativity. He felt relaxation in lower back region.

Then I placed citrine between naval and rib cage. Citrine is yellow stone and very effective for the solar plexus chakra. Solar plexus is the centre of prana also known as chi. stabilizing this may lead to stable thoughts and also reduce it is the centre of personal power and confidence. Balancing this may increase confidence and person can face difficult situations calmly.

Then I placed aventurine at the heart chakra. This is the green colour stone. Heart chakra has green colour so aventurine is fit for the chakra, Heart chakra is the centre of emotional drives. If healer balances this chakra he may easily create positive effect on clients’ emotional stability. As I put this crystal Mr. Dilip Pradhan felt cooling sensation on entire chest region.  Many times over activated heart chakra may lead to anxiety and emotional imbalance. 

Next comes the throat chakra and it is the centre of expression, original thoughts, and communication. It covers throat and entire shoulder region.  It has blue colour. So I used blue agate for this chakra. It is beautiful blue colour stone and it has ability to remove the negativity. He felt relaxation on shoulder region.

Third eye comes the next in the chakra balancing procedure. It is the centre of intuition and psychic powers. It has indigo color. It has effect on memory and sleeping habits. I used Lapiz to balance this chakra. I gave intention to the crystal to balance the chakra and placed Lapiz in the region between eye brows. After placement he felt like energy has been released to the stone form the chakra and he felt tingling sensations o the third eye chakra.

The crown chakra is the top of head. It has dark violet or purple colour. It is the connection between human and higher realms. It is the chakra that controls all brain functions. It is the chakra of deep peace and oneness. I selected amethyst for this chakra which itself is having dark violet shed colour. I put it just above the top of head and gave intention to the stone to balance the crown chakra. 

Then I allowed the client to be with the layout for 20 minutes. I told him to release any emotion if feels so during the process. I also prayed to the archangel Raphael for the healing to take place as behind angel therapist.

After 20 minutes I brought him out of the beautiful meditation like experience. I asked him about what he felt and he said that tingling sensations on third eye gradually diminished. He also felt strong sensation on root chakra and solar plexus region. He felt energy was released from these two chakra. He described the beautiful relaxation he had. He was very much relaxed after the process.

I showed him few more crystals which were not used in layout. I asked him to choose one out of them which appeals him. Crystals should be selected intuitively than logically. He selected clear quartz. 

I asked his permission to program the crystal on behalf of him. He allowed me to do so. Then I programmed the crystal for peaceful and relaxed attitude with following affirmation:

“I am now peaceful and relaxed for all activities and duties I do. I am guided by the divine intelligence for being joyful and serene. “

I told him to recite this affirmation seven times. Then gave him the crystal to keep it with him and look at this whenever he feels anxious again.

After few days he said that his anxiety has gone and he is very much peaceful in the situation where he was previously feeling stress.


Source: Luna Holistic Student

Thursday 23 July 2015

Crystals to help overcome nerves

Complete Crystal Healing Treatment with Reiki

Case study example

Learn Crystal Therapy

Before the session, I had cleansed the crystals for use, and let them bathe in the sun and moonlight. I also spent some time in meditation with the crystals, connecting with their purpose and infusing them with reiki healing energy to work in combination with their own individual purposes. I asked them to let me know which particular ones to use with the client when she came for the session. I also asked the angels to guide me and help me tell the client what she needed to hear.

When my client came in for her session, she filled out the treatment card and explained that she was feeling stressed out. She spoke very quickly and seemed to have a nervous, anxious energy. She explained that she had to be somewhere at 3:30 so she needed to cut the session a little short. I told her that was fine, and I asked what she wanted to accomplish during this session. She said that she felt annoyed with everyone and had no patience lately. She was “drained.” I felt the heaviness as she spoke and I knew immediately that she needed a clearing. I explained that we would do a quick clearing in this session, and she could follow up with another session when she had more time. She agreed.

I briefly explained how the session would work, so she could get comfortable and know what to expect. I asked her if she would be okay putting her phone with mine in the kitchen so the magnetic fields would not disrupt the session. She agreed happily and said she knew one day her phone would kill her, and started laughing. She explained that she always has her phone with her, and at night, she sleeps with it by her night-stand, playing “sleeping sound music.” We spoke for a few minutes about the impacts that these devices (along with television sets and other electronics) have on us. I asked her to remove her jewellery and place in her purse for safe keeping until the end of the session. I gave her a small cloth bag that I had lying around which I received when I bought my latest supply of crystals. This was so she wouldn't lose her jewellery in her large purse. Once she was ready for her treatment, I asked her to lie down comfortably. When she was ready, I asked her just breathe in and out normally so that she can relax.

Start of Treatment

I began by doing a brief prayer thanking God, all of the angels, Ascended Masters, spirit guides and all benevolent beings who assist us.  I asked them to guide this session for my clients highest good and the highest good of all creation. I asked Archangel Michael to assist in the clearing and cleansing of the space and of  client. I also asked to be protected during this healing treatment. I took a moment to ground myself and centre myself. I knew there wasn't much time for the session, so I used the pendulum to help me gauge the state of her chakras quickly. I had a feeling she was a little doubtful so I knew the pendulum would help ease her anxiety. She watched as I did this, and I explained as I saw each one. Her throat chakra and heart chakra were very clogged. It barely moved the pendulum. The other chakras were more open in comparison.

Selecting Crystals

I went to my table and selected the crystals I would use, and I placed all 6 quartz crystals in the six pointed star layout around Karen.  Although, I intuitively felt I needed to give her a pink tourmaline crystal to place in her heart chakra. So, I did this and at one point in the session she placed her hands over her heart clasping the crystal. I walked around my client using my generator crystal and created the auric seal before running my generator over the crystals five more times. After I finished, I laid the generator on the small table next to me. I noticed client was softly crying. I asked archangel Raphael, Chamuel and Michael to surround her and comfort, heal, and protect her. I could feel them surrounding her, and it felt like they were lifting the pain. I felt the reiki begin to flow from my hands, so I did the symbols and asked for the reiki energy to go where it needed to go for her highest good. I kneeled near her with my arms extended outwards, allowing the energy to create a huge ball of healing surrounding her and the star. I was focused yet remaining conscious of the time because I knew the session could not run over the allotted time schedule we agreed on. So, I asked the angels to continue working with her, and for this big beautiful ball to surround her with continuous healing. I got the feeling that she needed to “purge” out the feelings and pain, and that she still had a lot of work to do after this session was complete. (I later reminded her that this might happen, so to be loving and understand with herself.) Once I finished, I asked her to come back to herself and open her eyes when she felt ready. When she sat up, I finished the session with a closing prayer thanking all of the beings that helped us. Client wiped away her tears, and I asked how she felt. She said she felt like she “needed that” and laughed. She said she felt much better.

Chakra Reading

Chakra and Aura Healing Courses

Next, I did a post-session chakra reading with pendulum and each of the chakras had a significant improvement.  We laughed together at her excitement. I offered client crystal water and explained what the difference was between crystal water and regular water. She was very excited to try it, so I served her a cup of the crystal water. She took her first sip and nodded, saying “not bad.” After she drank it, she said she wanted to compare it to “regular water” so I laughed and gave her a cup of regular water, and asked her if she noticed any difference. She said she liked the crystal one better, but it could have been because she knew it would be better for her. We both laughed, and I asked her how she felt. She said she felt relaxed and refreshed. I smiled at the word “refreshed” thinking to myself that it must be the crystal water. She said she liked the pendulum use because it proved to her that the treatment was working.


I felt I needed to ask if she had ever tried to meditate. She said she did but that it was too hard to “stop” her thoughts or if she did then she would fall asleep. I suggested trying other guided meditations even from “youtube” so she can get used to the act of meditating since it made her feel so good. She said that’s a great idea and that she would try it at home. I also suggested that she try meditating in a seated position at home so that she wouldn't fall asleep.

Crystal advice

I gave her a brief explanation of what I observed during the session and which chakras seemed to be giving her more trouble. She got teary eyed when I mentioned the throat and heart chakra, and she said she does have trouble expressing herself with her family and feels like she needs to always lead a “double life” so she doesn’t upset others. I told her I understood completely. I gave her some words of encouragement for her to live with integrity and suggested that she try using some affirmations in her daily routine. I also suggested she look into purchasing lapis lazuli crystal necklace so she can wear, or for her to use a rose quartz necklace, which will help her as well. I gave her a brief explanation of how the crystals will help and suggested a few places where she can purchase crystals at an affordable price. I asked her how she felt about the crystals, and if she noticed any sensations during the session. She said she felt some tingling in her legs and arms. I pointed out that she held the pink tourmaline in her hands at a certain point and asked if she recalled this. She said it felt like it was an instinct to clutch it to her heart. I reminded her she could use some crystals during her guided meditations at home. The session itself took about 20 minutes. And the other 20 or so minutes was more about rapport building, explaining and feedback.

I suggested that she return when she feels ready and has the time for a longer session where we can work a little longer on balancing her chakras and expanding her spiritual awareness. She scheduled a session with me for next week.


This is an example of a case study taken by one of our students whom you can see has a natural empathetic nature and has combined both crystal and reiki together to offer a powerful healing session. We have a number of case study articles that can be found on our blog page which covers case studies in not only crystals, but a wide selection of holistic training therapies.

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Crystal & Reiki Treatment

Crystal & Reiki Treatment

By Reiki Master

Case Study

The treatment that I decided to give is Chakra Balancing with crystals and Reiki ( I'm a Reiki master).
The client laid down and start to be comfortable.
I began the treatment with a   Jade Pendulum, reading all chakras.

The client base, sacral, solar plexus chakras was balanced, but the heart, and throat was a little week, and brown and crown chakras was completely blocked.

Before the treatment the client told me about headache , some time  like migraines, and she is suffering from insomnia.
I decided to try me best to open up the chakras and balance them.

1. I take 6 clear crystals quartz and place them: one - crown, one be twin feet, 2 next to the elbow, 2 next to the knees.
    All crystals pointing upwards.
2. Now I place crystal over each chakra: base-red jasper, Sacral -carnelian, Solar Plexus - Citrine, Heart- Rose Quartz, throat -aquamarine,
    Third eye - Amethyst, Crown - clear quartz.
3.I use the crystal clear quartz wand like a generator,   to link the outside crystal to form a protective seal. 
4. I run my wand-generator strait up from the feet through the chakras to the head, then down from the head to the feet 5 times.
5.Now I balance the chakra energy, using the palm of my hand smoothing out any build energy I feel. I hold wand point facing downwards in my
    sending hand over the chakras to be balanced  and rotate the wand in a clockwise direction.
6. Next I went to throat chakra where the energy blocked, hold my receiving hand over the chakra ( 4-6 inches above ) and a wand, point facing 
      downwards    in my sending hand out to one side of me, rotate the crystal anti-clockwise down by my side, try to lifting out the blockage.
      I use myself as a transmitter, lifting out the  negative energy with my receiving  hand and out through the wand at my side.
7. I repeat same with Third eye and Crown chakras.
8. Now I balance each chakra from crown to base by hand using reiki to instill positive energy to each chakra and balance them,  with some symbols.
9. I took a final reading with the pendulum dowsing, with showed a nice energy flow true each chakra, I close them not to take any negative energy.
10. I give a thanks to the client for receiving the treatment.

After the treatment I try to explained to my client the energy work and advise to use a amethyst necklace for the migraine and continue see the doctor

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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Chakra and Crystal Therapy Treatment


Before the session, Client rated his stress as 1 ½ out of 4. He wanted to achieve tranquillity and calmness from the session. “I want to feel cleansing of my chakras which will enable the flow of energy throughout my body”.
He was familiar with crystal healing as had received some previous to this treatment and had also attended a crystal healing workshop.
I talked through the steps of the session with him beforehand, so he knew what to expect. I also asked him to remove any metal jewellery and watch and to make sure he was wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing.
A bed was set up on the floor on the veranda, fitting with the north/south alignment.
I began by asking the crystals permission to use them for healing today and to dedicate the session
to the highest good of the client. I then tuned in with Client by connecting our breathing.
I started the session with a clearing exercise to open and balance the chakras. I used 6 smoky quartz
crystals and placed them at points around his body to form a 6 pointed star, (2 x pointing inwards at
The elbows, 2 x pointing inwards at the knees, 1 pointing upwards between the feet and 1 pointing
upwards from the crown). I used a clear quartz terminator as the generator crystal and began at the
crown of his head, walking slowly in a clockwise direction, connecting all 6 points, to create an auric
seal around the body. I repeated this 5 times, each time feeling the energy getting stronger between
the generator and the other crystals. It felt like a magnetic draw between them and a clear seal
began to form around his body. After 10 minutes, I asked Client how he felt. He replied, “I am
relaxed and I feel levelled out. Around the 3rd or the 4th time you circled me, I could feel something
going around me. I feel safe inside my seal.”
I then began a clearing and strengthening exercise. I placed the following crystals on his chakras in the following order:
Third eye (amethyst), heart (rose quartz), solar plexus (citrine), sacral (carnelian), crown (clear
quartz), base (red jasper), throat (blue lace agate).
I used a clear quartz above the crown, pointing downwards and rose quartz between the feet,
pointing upwards. Making small circles in a clockwise direction with a clear quartz crystal in my
right hand; I moved slowly clockwise around the body three times, connecting the top and bottom
crystals. After 15 minutes, I asked Client his reactions/feelings. “I felt a strong energy drawing out of
my third eye, through the amethyst. I felt a pull from the right side of my head as you passed it, after
that the feeling stayed. It felt overall a stronger effect than the first clearing practice. I feel relaxed and nice. Energy felt like it was being drawn out of the sacral chakra.”
Next, I continued onto the opening and balancing sequence; using 7 small crystals over each chakra
and 6 smoky quartz crystals around the outside of the body, all pointing upwards; one on the crown,
two next to the elbows, two outside of the knees and one between the feet. Using a clear quartz the
terminator as the generator crystal, I slowly circled the outside of the body clockwise 7 times, to link
crystals to form an auric shield. Next I ran the generator crystal from the feet, through the chakras to
the head, and back, 5 times. Holding my hands 4-5 inches above the body, I balanced out the
chakras using the palms of my hands, pushing the energy up and down, until I could feel it equally in
both palms. I am also a reiki II practitioner, so this practice in particular was very strong. I could feel a definite magnetic like pull from the crystals and at time whilst I was circling Client, I felt slightly light headed. To instill energy, I rotated the crystal in a clockwise direction, with the point facing down decreasing the circles until the crystal made light contact with the stone chakra that felt weaker. 


To clear energy from some chakras, I circled the crystal, with the point facing toward me, away from the chakra, increasing the circles as I withdrew. I also used my hands above the chakras to clear them;
with my receiving hand over a chakra and my sending hand out to the side(holding the crystal pointed
downwards), to dispel blockages/negative energy.  Client commented on his impressions of this
treatment, “I felt a huge draw of energy when you were balancing the chakras. Circling the crystal
seemed to increase its intensity. I felt more and more like I was slipping into total relaxation. When
you put the crystal on the crown chakra, it was really powerful, it was clearing out some stuff. I feel really balanced now.”
During the building treatment, Andy commented, “When you were working on my sacral chakra, the stone felt like a really heavy weight, in a good way. I felt your presence there when you were working on it. When you were circling around me, I didn’t feel like it was focusing on any one point, but I could feel the overall effect of a feeling of security. During this part of the session, I felt more awake, compared with the clearing treatments”.
Finally I arranged the crystals into the ‘expanding consciousness’ formation; crystals pointing outwards either side of the neck and ears, either side of the ankles and feet and one pointing upwards between the feet. I used a clear quartz double terminator above the crown chakra. I made 7 slow figure of 8 movements clockwise to link all of the crystals. At the end of the session, I visualized closing down Andy’s chakras and thanked the crystals for all the healing they had provided.

After 15 minutes, I gently brought Client back into the world. He made the following observations, “I felt minty and zingy around my ankles. I feel really good, like I’ve been refreshed. I am relaxed but not in a tired way at all. I could feel the figure of 8 movements over me, it was nice. I’ve had indigestion most of the day and it’s gone now.”
Points for evaluation: It would beneficial to have a treatment bed so it is easier for the therapist to hover hands over the client, keeping the distance closer.
I was really surprised by how connecting the outside crystals, really added to the client’s feeling of safety and security. I enjoyed practicing the different arrangements and believe the treatment was really powerful.

Currently we are living in Honduras and are about to relocate. I am planning on expanding my crystal collection and purchasing a massage bed. I hope to be able to offer crystal treatments to more people in the future and in the meantime I will certainly continue practising what I have learnt on family and friends. 


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Friday 1 May 2015

Treating a client with Crystals

Crystal Therapy Treatment 

(case study)

Client is young man who has recently moved house and in with his girlfriend, he works 12 hour shifts and finds his job stressful. Client has no previous medical history, recently he has began to experience headaches and feeling more stressed. Client is known to me through a work colleague and when talking about the course I was doing, my work colleague said her boyfriend would like to try crystal healing but since he did not know any one who done it was reluctant to participate, I informed her that I would be happy to help when doing my course, as I would need someone to practice on.
I prepared the room by making sure no electrical equipment was in it, I lit two white candles which were not fragrant. I put a relaxation cd on kept it low so as to promote a relaxing environment, I put a white loose fitting top on to make my movements easier and to attract positive energy. I asked Client to remove any jewellery he may have on and make himself comfortable on the treatment couch. Client appeared tense and heavy leaden when he came into the room.

I went through a treatment card with Client when asked to rate his stress level 1 being low and 4 being high, he said he was a 4. I asked what he wanted from his treatment and he said to feel relaxed. Client has no allergies and does not like the smell of lavender or anything strong smelling, this is why I chose not to have fragrant candles.

Before starting the session I decided to strengthen my aura, to do this I had a flower and crystal. I held the crystal in my left hand and flower in my right. Through my crown chakra I imagined white light and rooted myself to Mother Earth by imagining roots anchoring you through my feet, I also used the same technique on the client and  asked the client to ground himself by imagining himself also being grounded by roots anchoring him to Mother Earth.

I began the session by opening and balancing the chakras, the client lay with his head north and feet South this helps to align with earth. I held my hands above the clients head and asked that they be given healing for the highest good. I also asked Client to make sure he was comfortable as he would be lying in that position for about a hour. And that if he was not comfortable to change his position.
I decided to start with a clearing treatment, for this treatment I used a large clear Quartz. I assessed the clients chakras by dowsing a pendulum. I programmed the pendulum to go clockwise when a chakra is open and balanced and to go anticlockwise if it's closed. I found that his crown chakra was closed, third eye open, throat chakra was open, heart was closed, solar plexus was open and base chakra was partially opened.

The client chose his own crystals for the installing and balancing part of the session. For the crown he choose Lapis lazuli, third eye he chose clear Quartz , throat chakra he chose pink tourmaline, heart he chose rose Quartz, solar plexus he chose jade and for the base he chose garnet. I placed all the crystals in the corresponding chakras. I placed a large Quartz crystal a few inches above the clients crown chakra facing away from his head to help clear negative energy. With a clear Quartz crystal in my left hand I made small circles starting from the top I passed this down the clients left side and up her right side. I did this exercise three times. I left the client for 30 minutes with the chakra layout. With a clear Quartz I went to each chakra and used positive energy, I repeated this three times. I returned to using my pendulum and used it over his chakras to reassess all chakras appeared to be opened and balanced. I began to remove the crystals from the client. I closed the clients chakras, to seal his energy fields I visualised a golden light , in a clockwise direction I used my hands I went round the client until I  came over to his crown chakra and visualised the energy grounding him which I had used at the start. I gave him a few minutes to relax and asked him to wake up in his own time.

A few minutes later I gave him a drink of water, I asked him how he felt he replied that he felt lighter and felt a bit more relaxed. I asked what he experienced during the session if anything at all, he replied he felt a pleasant sensation when the crystals were placed on the chakras. He said he felt that he would benefit from more sessions.

I instructed Client after the session to relax, and to avoid caffeine also that he may experience  emotional and mood changes. Also headache, dizziness and possible thirst.  I explained that this is part of the healing process. I asked Client to phone me if he had any other side effects or if he required any further information about crystal healing.

Client has had a further treatment and has bought the crystals we used for the healing process. The crystals bought were for the crown lapis lazuli which helps with nervous headache, and I still co-operation. For the third eye he chose clear quart which helps with energy blockages this helps give the body equilibrium. For throat chakra he chose pink tourmaline which help to let go of attachments so that life can be balanced again. The Heart chakra he chose rose Quartz which will help to enhance love and lowers stress. The client chose for his solar plexus jade, which is calming and quieting properties. Finally for the base chakra he chose garnet which helps to build up life force energy giving you courage and purpose in life.   



Monday 20 April 2015

Crystal Magic Case Study

Crystal Magic - A Case Study

 Taken from student studying crystal therapy with Luna Holistics

Miss X is a friend who is also a crystal healer. Before the treatment happened and my friend arrived for her treatment, I set up my therapy room in the house, ensuring there was no electrical equipment in the room. I meditated for a while to attune myself to the energies of the crystals I was going to involve in the healing. These crystals had been cleansed and programmed overnight and earlier in the morning so they were clear and programmed for healing purposes. I had already found out where North and South were in the room so the therapy couch was set up so my friend’s head would be facing North and her feet South. I had asked my friend to come dressed in loose comfortable clothing and to ensure she had no metal objects on her. I suggested she have a bath or shower before treatment which she confirmed she had done when she arrived.

We started by going through the treatment card and established that Miss X is currently in good health but wanted just a recharge of energies and general well-being treatment. I decided to use the pyramid grid for this treatment. I felt that I intuitively wanted to set it in place before Miss X climbed on the therapy couch. Miss X is also very intuitive and we felt it was right for her to sit and meditate on her intention, harmony and well being, while I set up the grid with this intention. I laid out the five main crystals in each corner and one under the table in the centre. Miss X loves greens and pinks and I was intuitively drawn to space out rose quartz and green aventurine between the corner points. At the present, Miss X is in a long term relationship and is really enjoying her career change in care work which she has been doing for some time so this grid seemed appropriate for long term harmony and her relationships which are really important to her. I used sand from our local beach to connect the crystals as this is a place we go to regularly to walk our dogs and it is somewhere we gain a lot of feelings of peace and harmony from.

Once this was done, Miss X climbed on the couch and made herself comfortable. I started by placing my hands above her head and tuning into her energies and connecting with the intention of harmony and well being. I then used my activation crystal and started with the centre crystal, visualizing white universal light flowing into this while asking that Miss X receive the healing she needed for her highest good during the session. I then moved to each corner crystal in turn, using the activation crystal to link each one in turn in a clockwise direction. I visualized this connecting up of energy and kept the intention of the healing in my mind as I went. Once all the stones were connected I went back to the centre crystal and visualized the whole picture of energy forming a complete grid and I meditated on this for 15 minutes while Miss X relaxed on the couch above. The energy I felt was just amazing and it was a totally peaceful and harmonic space.

At the end of the 15 minutes I carefully thanked and de-activated each crystal in turn in an anti-clockwise direction as this felt right. I then walked three times clockwise around Miss X using a quartz crystal wand and visualized sealing in all the healing energy she had received. At the end of this I gave thanks to all the crystals and the Universe for the energies provided. I then asked Miss X to bring her attention back into the room.

Miss X said that she didn't realize she was carrying some tension and stress but she was aware of this and felt the muscles of her neck and shoulders releasing and letting go. She also felt her legs relaxing and the pain in her hips that she gets occasionally totally disappeared. She said that she felt lighter physically, mentally and emotionally. She was aware of angels and guides in the room all the time. She also said she felt like a big fluffy pink blanket was being placed around her and protecting her – pink is Miss X’s favourite colour. Miss X said she could feel so much love flowing in and out of her heart and that she was aware that some blockages and tensions emotionally were just being soothed and released.

I offered Miss X a glass of water and she stayed on the couch until ready to move off. She said it was just such a relaxing session and great to release daily stress and tension you don’t normally notice. She also said she was overwhelmed by feelings of protection and safety.

Once Miss X left I gather all the crystals and felt drawn to smudge them, then use my Tibetan singing bowls to cleanse them and I felt guided to placing them in flower pots outside overnight to cleanse and recharge in the moon energy.


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Wednesday 8 October 2014


Understanding Amber

Amber (Anbar - derived from Arabic)  is not actually a stone or a crystal but rather a fossilised resin which comes from the coniferous trees. And although not a crystal this has been used for hundreds of years as a precious gem and its healing properties. As this stone is light enough to float on water it has been found in may places all over the world. The main source of amber comes from South America and Baltic coasts of Europe. Did you know that most amber that exists today is aprox between 30 and 90 million years old.

Amber was and still is worn as a talisman to attract good luck and for protection. If you are wondering what to buy for a 10th wedding anniversary then amber would be a good choice.

Healing functions of Amber

Advanced Crystal Therapy Training Courses

  • Life energy (invigorates the body's systems
  • Eases tension and helps with nervous disorders
  • Boosts energy and encourages enthusiasm
  • Help with clear and sharp thinking

How to use Amber

  • Place a piece of amber on the forehead and brow to encourage clear thoughts
  • You can energise your brain and nervous system by lying down and placing Jet between the feet and Amber above the head, near the base of the spine and in each hand. 
  • Release nervous tension by running a piece of Amber along the spinal column, head to feet and do this several times. 
  • Amber can be used as a popular chakra cleanser. 
  • Teething beads made from amber have been used with great success for many years. 

Different Colours of Amber & Effects

Black Amber - Used for psychic protection 
Red Amber - Ideal used as an alternative for a grounding stone. Also used to stimulate sexual desires.
Golden Amber - Promotes self love and acceptance. Helps to repair damage to the Aura.
Green Amber - Helps with spiritual growth and can be used for grounding and purifying.
Honey Amber - Aids us in releasing blockages that can hinder our spiritual growth.

Using Amber in Crystal Therapy

Although Amber as stated above is not a crystal it certainly has its uses in therapy and offering treatments. This is one stone I would recommend you have as part of your crystal collection

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