Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Choosing the right Crystal for you

How to Choose the right Crystal

There is such a variety of crystals it really can seem overwhelming knowing which one to choose or which one is right for you. Of course depending on your mood or what is happening in your life at the current time then your choice of crystal will vary. For instance if are feeling a little down or depressed you may find yourself drawn to choosing a clear or Lithium Quartz. These quite often offer relief from stress and tension and help you to think about a situation with more clarity. 

It is not always easy to choose a crystal by just the look of it, sometimes you really need to pick it up and hold it. By doing this you will get in tune with the vibration of the crystal and even though you may not know why you will have a feeling that it just feel right. Quite often our higher- selves know what we need and so you will be instinctively drawn to a certain crystal or colour. 

Choosing a Crystal for others

Of course when it come to choosing for someone else then your methods may vary. For instance you may know your friend loves the colour purple so would be drawn to a lovely piece of amethyst, however this may not be what they need at this time. To ensure you get it just right there are a number of methods that you can choose. Visualize your friend and ask your guide or angel to connect with theirs so that you may choose the crystal that will be for their highest good at this time. You maybe surprised that you may suddenly feel drawn to another one which at first glance would not have been of your choosing. 

Another method you can use if standing in front of a crystal stand or shop, is to close your eyes, visualise your friend and then when you open your eyes pick the first crystal you are drawn to. Do not hesitate as this is a method to connect to your intuition. 

Choosing Crystals to wear

When choosing any crystal to actually wear I personally think it is important to see the crystal, try and feel its energy regardless of whether it is in  a real shop or just a virtual shop online,  and of course you must like the colour. It is recommended that when you get home you  wash your crystal under clear water for a few moments and whilst doing this ask your guides to help this crystal bring you good luck and positive energy. You should also wash crystals on a regular basis to avoid them gaining a low vibration.  

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