Monday, 4 November 2013

Crystal Colours Continued

Coloured Crystals 

In my last article I covered the colours of yellow, green, clear, orange, and red crystals. (see previous article)

Violet Charoite

Indigo helps those people who are undisciplined or distrustful, or who may even fear success therefore they set their sights too low. Violet Charoite helps infants to sleep peacefully and offer protection from nightmares and insomnia. It can also release hidden fears. 

Amethyst which is another wonderful violet crystal is calming and soothing and can help with people whom often have erratic or over emotional thoughts. 


Pink crystals such as rose quartz which is the most popular bring great emotional healing. The pink quartz is also known as the love stone as it is a very seductive crystal and has the ability to transmute all stored-up negative issues of self worth, self confidence and self acceptance. It can greatly help to remove any resistance you may have with unresolved emotional stress. 

Pale pink Kunzite balances and integrates the head and hear energy chakras and centers. If we are to understand the subtleties of emotional disease then these stones can offer help in a holistic way. 


Stones such as Snow Quartz, milky quartz or selenite can be very soothing on the emotions and if feeling stressful, hot or suffering from inflammation these stones will help you to cool down. 


Smokey Quartz and grounding stones such as Haematite, black tourmaline and jet can help to bring emotional security. Obsidian will go to the root cause of any emotional imbalances and help to release them. Black Onyx will help to release fears and worries plus any old emotional hurts that you may have been hanging onto and that may be buried deep in your subconscious. 

Opals amplifies personality traits

Gems that hold and display several colours can provide a spectrum of healing energies that are very effective at healing the emotions. Opal amplifies personality traits, which can bring them to the surface for healing. Abalone balances fear, anxiety and nervousness.