Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Crystal Layouts

Crystal Layouts

Crystal layouts are set patterns of certain crystals and stones placed on and round the body. Each layout is designed to balance our vital energy in a particular way. Some layouts (known as nets) call for the client to lie upon a cloth of a particular colour in order to amplify the positive effect of the crystals. Most layouts require the client to lay down, however if you are working alone and doing a self treatment ensure that the crystals you need are within easy reach before you begin your session. 

How Long Should the Stone be left?

To get the benefit of the crystals you do not actually need to leave the stones too long.
Aprox 5 to 10 mins is usually quite sufficient. 

What type of stones/crystals?

Many crystal therapists use an assortment of crystals and tumble stones, however some layouts do require crystal points, which will direct energy in a more precise manner than tumbles stones. 

Chakra Balancing Layout - Rainbow Chakra Balance

Place the correct coloured stones relating to the right chakras for a 5 minute chakra balance top up

To recharge and balance the body's energy centers then you will need to have a selection of chakra crystals and the appropriate coloured crystals should be placed on or around the body as described below. 

  1. Place a grounding stone between the feet - use black, metallic brown or dark red stone
  2. Place a red stone close to the root chakra - near the base of the spine or between the knees
  3. Position an orange stone to the sacral chakra (just below the navel
  4. Place a yellow stone on or near the solar plexus chakra (below the ribs)
  5. Place a Green or Rose Quartz stone as the heart chakra ( center of the chest)
  6. Put a light blue stone at the throat chakra (base of throat)
  7. Position an Indigo (deep blue) stone at the brow (centre of forehead)
  8. Finally place a violet or clear stone at the crown chakra just above the top of the head
  9. You should lie in this position for 5 minutes, then remove the stones from top to toe, leaving the grounding stone last. 

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Crystal Tips

Crystal Tips

It is thought that the best way to get the benefit out of crystals is to wear one, but carrying them with you, in either your pocket, bra, shirt pocket or bag is just as helpful. You can also place crystals around your home such as a rose quartz for instance will attract peace and love so is ideal for your bedroom. In feng shui it is believed that a piece of Citrine placed in the wealth corner of your home will boost your finances.

Crystal Energy

The energies from Crystals which are electro magnetic, work with the human body to encourage it to heal itself. Crystals no only work on the physical body but also the mental, emotional and spiritual. If you are taking medication then crystals will work in harmony with this.

Getting the best out of your Crystals

To really get the benefit from your crystals you should cleanse and re-charge them at least once a month. To cleanse your crystals you can run them under running water, pass through incense smoke to cleanse, or place them on a windowsill and leave in the full light of a full moon. The sunshine will also charge your crystals so you can rinse them and place in a bowl and leave on a sunny window ledge.

Who uses Crystals?

In past times the Ancient Egyptians and physicians used them to grind into a powder and mix them with various liquids to form a medicine. However we now know we do not need to do this and in our modern times  they are used by Crystal healers, Crystal therapists and Practitioners, Angel Healers and Reiki Healers, to name just a few.

Do you need to believe in Crystals?

No; you do not need to believe in crystals for them to work for you - they just do.

Can any one learn to use Crystals?

Yes; this is becoming a more and more popular therapy treatment and there are many courses online   or workshops and local holistic centers that are offering these treatments and also lessons in how to use crystals. 

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