Monday, 27 January 2014

Crystals & Emotions

Crystals and Emotions

Our emotions are linked to the element of water. Bearing in mind that most of our body weight is made up of water and that it carries the essential nutrients for life then water has a special significance.  In this article we will learn that crystals have the ability to transform stagnant energy that can have a direct effect on our emotions.

Balancing Emotions

One of the most difficult parts of learning to balance your emotions is to actually understand and identify how you are actually feeling at any given time. Just like water, emotions change constantly, ebbing and flowing, and offering us movement that assists us to explore our full potential as humans.
Sometimes however our emotions can become frozen or stuck and they can then become destructive or harmful and can block our creativeness and happiness. When water is boiled it turns to steam and evaporates; this too can be reflected in the emotions of anger and loss. With this in mind it would be helpful if our emotions were more like a stream of fresh flowing water constantly moving forwards. If a stream becomes blocked it becomes stagnant and muddy, just as our emotions become clogged and cloudy when blocked.

How Can Crystals Help?

Crystals have the ability to transform stagnant energy by getting below the surface and to the exact root of the problem. Emotional wounds can lock up our energy so that we can live our life to the full. Crystal can help to heal these wounds and help to restore our equilibrium and free our energy. Crystal healing uses some very effective techniques to release trauma without the need to re-live the traumatic event. They can help the emotional body reintegrate the energy involved which is an important part of healing.

Watery Crystals

Moonstone  - and Selenite have a natural affinity to the element of water. These stones help to stabilize the emotions our emotions at the same time as balancing our body fluids.
Aquamarine – this stone relates to the watery element of the emotions, especially when a build-up of  painful experiences has perhaps caused us to take on phobias of any kind. When the thymus gland becomes stressed due to emotional debilitation, it needs the energy boost that this stone will provide.
Opal – loves water. This stone is an emotional mirror that can help to stabilize mood swings

Learning to work with Crystals

Training courses in crystal healing that you can study from home are available via Luna Holistics and offer a fully accredited qualification on completion. 

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  1. Ah, I was able to access this by entering the address separately into my browser. Interesting. I work extensively with crystals in my healing practice, and have found them effective for many issues. My own experience is that Larimar is also a very good stone for working with emotional blockages. And yes, Aquamarine is another favourite. Most of those that I consider to be water stones are effective with this, though depending on the source of the emotion, other elementals will work as well.

  2. I would add that I am a CRTh, having studied for several years with Naisha Ahsian.