Monday, 10 February 2014

Addictions and Crystals


Violet Crystals
Addictions take many forms and can be major or minor addictions.  Small scale addictions can be signs of obsessive behavior, and we may experience withdraw symptoms if we fail to get our personal choice of our so called "fix", be it overeating or drinking too much coffee.  Many addictions are caused by thought forms and these can be self-generated, inherited or even picked up from others.

Violet Crystals

These crystals can have some remarkable effects. They do this by bringing balance and healing in any situation as they facilitate integration at an energetic level. By removing blockages, obstacles and additions they can also offer inspiration and help to fire up the imagination which in turn allows insights into extremist viewpoints that can quite often leave you vulnerable to obsessive behavior traits. You can make a gem essence using these stones or simply ensure that you wear or carry a stone of this colour. 

  • Did you know that Amethyst was traditionally worn to prevent drunkenness as it is known to support sobriety. It can help to prevent over indulgence and overcome addictions and compulsions that can then in turn become obsessions.
  • It can help to detach negative energies. Amethyst loosens thought forms that cause addictions by transmuting them into positive energy.  
  • Fluorite shares may of the same qualities as Amethyst and is especially helpful in dissolving fixed behavior patterns. 
Using Gem Essences

You can make a gem essence with the above stones. Normally a gem essence is taken 3 times a day. You can also add gem essence to your bath water or massage oil. 

You can learn how to make gem essence with our Crystal Therapy Diploma Course. 

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