Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Understanding Amber

Amber (Anbar - derived from Arabic)  is not actually a stone or a crystal but rather a fossilised resin which comes from the coniferous trees. And although not a crystal this has been used for hundreds of years as a precious gem and its healing properties. As this stone is light enough to float on water it has been found in may places all over the world. The main source of amber comes from South America and Baltic coasts of Europe. Did you know that most amber that exists today is aprox between 30 and 90 million years old.

Amber was and still is worn as a talisman to attract good luck and for protection. If you are wondering what to buy for a 10th wedding anniversary then amber would be a good choice.

Healing functions of Amber

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  • Life energy (invigorates the body's systems
  • Eases tension and helps with nervous disorders
  • Boosts energy and encourages enthusiasm
  • Help with clear and sharp thinking

How to use Amber

  • Place a piece of amber on the forehead and brow to encourage clear thoughts
  • You can energise your brain and nervous system by lying down and placing Jet between the feet and Amber above the head, near the base of the spine and in each hand. 
  • Release nervous tension by running a piece of Amber along the spinal column, head to feet and do this several times. 
  • Amber can be used as a popular chakra cleanser. 
  • Teething beads made from amber have been used with great success for many years. 

Different Colours of Amber & Effects

Black Amber - Used for psychic protection 
Red Amber - Ideal used as an alternative for a grounding stone. Also used to stimulate sexual desires.
Golden Amber - Promotes self love and acceptance. Helps to repair damage to the Aura.
Green Amber - Helps with spiritual growth and can be used for grounding and purifying.
Honey Amber - Aids us in releasing blockages that can hinder our spiritual growth.

Using Amber in Crystal Therapy

Although Amber as stated above is not a crystal it certainly has its uses in therapy and offering treatments. This is one stone I would recommend you have as part of your crystal collection

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Minerals and Crystals


 All minerals growing within the earth have powerful energies, containing the stored natural elemental powers of their formation over millions of years, shaped by volcanic heat and waters soaking deep into the ground.

Some like black obsidian are not crystals at all but natural glass created by sudden cooling of flowing volcanic lava. Grey and fawn fulgurite is formed immediately when lightning strikes sand.


Others are organic, such as pearls, or made of fossils or, like golden amber, from fossilized tree resin, often containing plant or insect material.  Green olivine sometimes has extraterrestrial origins when found in stony iron meteorites.

Ancient peoples believed that crystals fell from the heaven as gifts from their ancestors. This notion is not so far from the truth. All the particles that make up matter once originated within the hearts of old stars. When these stars exploded, their particles were scattered throughout the universe and re-formed as new stars and planets. 

The idea that every stone has special magical healing properties for crystal healing can be traced back through the European literature of the early Middle Ages right back to their sources in Greek Roman and Arabic philosophy, which in turn owe much to the Ayurvedic traditions of India.

For many centuries, because the origin of disease was unknown, healing and in particular crystal healing as part of a healer’s toolkit was linked with magic and superstition. Crystals have always been considered special, extraordinary, and even supernatural.

The people who carried, wore or used crystals believed that the crystals would imbue them with some of the power belonging to these spiritual realms, which of course is viewed as a form of ethereal healing. In Egypt the Pharaoh and his priesthood, who prized turquoise as a symbol of fertility, life and joy, practiced ethereal healing.


The oldest crystal that has been discovered, so far, has been dated to 4.4 billion years old.  The age of this crystal has challenged all thought about how old the planet earth really was when it’s cooling formed the Earth’s crust and life began. This crystal was mined in northwestern Australia and is one of several tiny silicon specimens extracted from these mines.


How a crystal or gem is cut can bring out its true nature. The lustrous cat’s eye formation you find in gems such as yellow chrysoberyl or green alexandrite needs to be expertly cut into a dome shaped cabochon to display its effect to full advantage. The same applies to gems that have a six or twelve-rayed start, such as ruby, sapphire or flash opal with its constantly flickering rainbow of colour.

Jewellery has been one of the most popular ways of showing off gems and crystals, and benefit from their magical empowering and healing properties directly through contact with the body, namely the skin. 

Traditionally, earrings have been thought to protect the mind from psychological harm; necklaces and pendants have been thought to protect the heart from emotional manipulation and attract love; bracelets or armbands reach out to attract abundance and opportunities to us.  

Belt buckles protect and empower the solar plexus and sacral energy centres of the body that control will-power, self confidence, needs and desires.

A ring on any finger of the hand denotes lasting love, friendship and health continuing in an eternal cycle. The use of jewellery, amulets and talismans will be covered in more detail in part two of this course.

Anniversary and birthstones are ways of using polished and faceted crystals and gems as tokens of profound devotion and affection or, if bought for yourself a symbol of self-worth, and invariably attracting luck. 

Tumblestones are a relatively inexpensive way to collect a variety of stones and they can be used as worry stones, put on show around the home or cast in divination.

Geodes of yellow citrine or purple amethyst with lots of tiny, sparkling crystals crammed inside are natural decoration, as are large pieces of dendritic limestone, which are viewed by some as the abstract paintings of nature. Different stones, such as soapstone and green verdite, are often used to make carvings of animals and statues.  These act as power symbols of the qualities we want to attract, for example, the focus of a hunting eagle or the courage of a lion.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Feng Shui & Crystals

Feng Shui & Crystals

Working with crystals and feng shui can be extremely helpful. Learning about the different sectors and what you can do to overcome problems in these sectors are all taught in this Feng shui diploma course. 

Some common symptoms of suffering from clutter and the areas responsible are

v     Being overweight (health sector)
v     Stuck in bad relationship patterns (love sector)
v     Constantly the subject of gossip (reputation sector)
v     Drowning in debt (prosperity sector)
v     Constant bad luck (family and ancestors sector)
v     Creative blocks (creative sector)
v     Constant criticism and negative attention (wisdom sector)
v     Overworked and underpaid (career sector)
v     A feeling of being trapped with no way out (travel and mentors sector) 

Curing with Crystals

Crystals are objects that almost always create positive chi so there is no "bad" place to hang a crystal however here are some basic suggestions as to where to place certain types of crystals and stones to enhance the basic sectors of the Ba gua. They can be used all around the house to deflect negative energies.

Health sector. Crystals that are tear or pear shaped work best in this sector. Yellow crystals are best. Yellow topaz and citrine are also good stones also enhance this sector.

Love sector. Pink crystals in the shape of stars or hearts are ideal Rose quartz, pink tourmaline; carnelian and pink sapphires are good stones draw the positive energies associated with love to you.

Fame and Reputation. Red and orange crystals and star shaped crystals help you become a star.  Jasper, carnelians, raw rubies and garnets are good stones to display as a collection in this area.

Prosperity sector. Crystals shaped like ingots; goldfish and horses are ideal for this sector of the Ba gua. Green, purple and red crystals as well as stones such as raw emeralds, raw rubies, garnets, carnelians, amethysts, iolite, jet, mica, agate, amber, tiger eye and jade attract money into your life.

Family and ancestors sector. White and black crystals are best for this area. A collection of smoky quartz is best for healing damaged relationships.

Creative sector. Star and heart shaped white crystals that reflect a lot of rainbows create joyful vibrations in this area.  Pink topaz or pink quartz can also help facilitate communication between you and your child.

Wisdom sector. White and purple tinted crystals best suit this area as do clear quartz crystals, meteorites, sapphires, lapis lazuli and balsite.

Career sector. Green crystals shaped like stars also work here, as do collections of jade, emerald, citrine, peridots and other green and yellow colored stones.

Travel and Mentor sector. White or black crystals that are globe shaped best suit this area as do rock collections that feature stone from the agate, quartz and diamond family. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Aura Cleansing


When working with crystals you will be aware that the aura and chakras often need clearing and balancing. Below is a case study of a complete Aura Cleansing Treatment -

Client is a 37 year old women who has a high power job but is finding life tough after losing her
Mother 9mths ago. She is generally in reasonable health, no medical conditions affecting her just the
devasting loss of her mother wearing her down.

Room Preparation

The therapy room to be used for the aura therapy healing treatment was warmed to a comfortable temperature to help relaxation with subtle lighting and had be pre cleansed with incense.A lightly fragranced candle was lit and soothing music was playing in the back ground.


Loose, white overall to protect oneself from negative energy was put on.
I mentally prepared myself to protect me from any unwanted energies.
Watch and rings were removed. Hands were washed.
I gave Client a warm friendly welcome on completing the treatment form l asked her
to lie down on the therapy couch and make herself comfortable. To close her eyes relax
and to let the stress and strains of the day drift away.

I scanned the aura of my client with my hand (palm side down) slowly moving around the body
to pick up any energy impurities; my hand was quickly drawn to an area around the heart
chakra and solar plexus. My hand felt as though it was being dragged through the area almost
as though it was a dense mass and felt very sticky.  Keeping my mind focused on the client’s
aura and this dense mass I started moving my hands in a slow deliberated manner
concentrating all the time on the act of clearing the aura.

With my fingers outspread and using them as an auric net to detach the harmful energies from
the patient's aura I could actually feel and visualise the separation as l removed the impurities
from the client’s auric field. I cleared my hands by moving them as thought l was wiping them
and visualising the letting go of any impurities, before repeating this motion again in the clients’
auric field. I repeated this drawing out motion 3 more times till I felt the impurities had been
removed. Once l was happy that this area had been cleared l scanned the auric field again and
was confident the aura was free from impurities I closed the client off and put a protective line
around her. I stepped away from the client and give thanks for the help and healing guidance,
and protected myself.

As my client come round from the treatment she became quite emotional about the
whole experience but felt as though a load had been shifted from her with a feeling of release.
I gave her a glass of water to help ground her and she thanked me for the treatment.

Read a full crystal healing Case Study

Monday, 24 March 2014

Crystal Magic


Colour and planetary associations are covered later to enable you to create your own lithomancy set using small tumblestones.

Though the crystal colours you choose, seemingly at random from a drawstring bag are one indication of meaning, what you feel and see as you hold each crystal you have chosen is the best source of psychic information.

The method operates on the principle of psychokinesis, the natural but often undeveloped instinct whereby we are drawn by unconscious prompting, in this case to choose the right crystal without looking, to give us the answer we need.

Creating your Crystal Casting Area
Draw a circle about a metre in diameter.
You can create a temporary circle in sand, earth or with stones on grass.
You can draw it on paper in chalk or pen.
Sit or kneel facing the circle.

The closer to the circle the crystals fall, the greater the significance, either in the immediate or long-term future, and they usually suggest independent action or an original solution. They can also indicate key strengths in your personality that will be of help to you right now.

Crystals that fall mid-way represent the need for cooperation with others and for working within the constraints imposed by the current situation. They indicate negotiations, whether to persuade others of your point of view or to adapt your plans or actions so that you can fulfil at least part of your plans.
Crystals near the edge talk of matters where right now fate or other people are steering the course. You may have to accept that there are obstacles or opposition you must overcome in order to move forward.

The area outside the circle represents the unexpected, what has not yet come into your life, both opportunities and new contacts or influences. Waiting a few weeks may be advantageous.

Casting the Crystals

Ask a question. As you formulate it in your mind, place your power hand, the one you write with, in the bag of crystals.
Take as much time as you need until you select three crystals that feel right.
Hold these three crystals in your cupped hands over the centre of the circle as you open your hands.

Interpreting the Reading

Note the first position of the crystals and how they are divided between the circle areas. If they are divided between areas of the circle then matters are complex and there may be unfinished business before you can move forward. Maybe there are different factors or approaches that need to be brought together.
Next, hold each crystal you cast on the cloth in turn in cupped hands in the order that feels right.
Then hold all three together and see what the combined energies tell you.
You can also select a single crystal each morning from your crystal bag without looking, to alert you to the mood of the day ahead and suggest the strengths you will need. Carry it as a talisman in a tiny purse.

The above is just a small extract from the following course: Advanced Crystal Magic Diploma Course

Monday, 3 March 2014

Crystals for Weight Problems

Weight Issues and Crystals

We are all aware that being overweight brings increased risks of developing diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and no amount of other ailments. Weight gain can also occur as we get older, especially around the time of menopause. Although a little weight gain at this time is acceptable it is important to keep your hormone levels in balance. 

How to lose weight

We know the theory - Eat less calories than we use and hey presto we lose weight, however we know this is not always as easy as it sound. However being too thin also has its problems and are more prone to osteoporosis and have less resistance to influenza, pneumonia and other illnesses. 

Gem Essence

Iolite aids in lessening fatty deposits in the body and helps to release toxins. Metaphysically, fatty deposits are linked to stored negative emotions and toxins are said to be linked to old belief  systems. Iolite will allow you to see your true potential, and can also help to alleviate addictions. It can help us to understand our addiction and why we have developed a craving for a certain type of food for instance. 

How to make Gem Essence


1 Lolite, tumbled


Make gem essence ( see how here) for full information and take as directed. 

You can also learn a lot more about healing with crystals by taking a crystal therapy course.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Addictions and Crystals


Violet Crystals
Addictions take many forms and can be major or minor addictions.  Small scale addictions can be signs of obsessive behavior, and we may experience withdraw symptoms if we fail to get our personal choice of our so called "fix", be it overeating or drinking too much coffee.  Many addictions are caused by thought forms and these can be self-generated, inherited or even picked up from others.

Violet Crystals

These crystals can have some remarkable effects. They do this by bringing balance and healing in any situation as they facilitate integration at an energetic level. By removing blockages, obstacles and additions they can also offer inspiration and help to fire up the imagination which in turn allows insights into extremist viewpoints that can quite often leave you vulnerable to obsessive behavior traits. You can make a gem essence using these stones or simply ensure that you wear or carry a stone of this colour. 

  • Did you know that Amethyst was traditionally worn to prevent drunkenness as it is known to support sobriety. It can help to prevent over indulgence and overcome addictions and compulsions that can then in turn become obsessions.
  • It can help to detach negative energies. Amethyst loosens thought forms that cause addictions by transmuting them into positive energy.  
  • Fluorite shares may of the same qualities as Amethyst and is especially helpful in dissolving fixed behavior patterns. 
Using Gem Essences

You can make a gem essence with the above stones. Normally a gem essence is taken 3 times a day. You can also add gem essence to your bath water or massage oil. 

You can learn how to make gem essence with our Crystal Therapy Diploma Course. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Accreditation for Crystal Therapists


Showing your clients that you are supported by an outside accreditation board is a great way to increase confidence and with  the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine as your chosen provider you will also be eligible to use the letters iphm after your name. So if you are offering treatments whether they are holistic, alternative or spiritual in nature and would like to promote your treatments, or workshops for free then becoming a member is a must. Members also get a discount on insurance, receive a certificate to hang in your treatment room and a members ID Badge. 

Find a Professional Holistic Therapist

We have plenty of experienced and professional therapists to choose from worldwide. So whether you are looking for a treatment with a qualified practitioner in EFT, Angel Healing, Crystal therapy, Colour or Reiki Energy healing, Massage or a Spiritual Counselor or Tarot reader to name just a few then you will find one here and know you will be offered a most professional approach. Find a professional Therapist

Holistic Course Providers you can Trust

With more and more people now taking courses online it is important to find a reputable one you can trust. We have a number of course providers whom have had their work evaluated and as we only allow professional providers to join the IPHM you can be assured that your training provider has agreed with our code of ethics and will offer you the service and support you require. So whether you want to start a new career or would just like to learn for your own enjoyment then training with an accredited provider is important. Find a professional Training Provider

Insurance Discount
  Members will be accepted by our recommended insurance provider Westminster Insurance. As an added bonus members also qualify for a discount. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Crystals & Emotions

Crystals and Emotions

Our emotions are linked to the element of water. Bearing in mind that most of our body weight is made up of water and that it carries the essential nutrients for life then water has a special significance.  In this article we will learn that crystals have the ability to transform stagnant energy that can have a direct effect on our emotions.

Balancing Emotions

One of the most difficult parts of learning to balance your emotions is to actually understand and identify how you are actually feeling at any given time. Just like water, emotions change constantly, ebbing and flowing, and offering us movement that assists us to explore our full potential as humans.
Sometimes however our emotions can become frozen or stuck and they can then become destructive or harmful and can block our creativeness and happiness. When water is boiled it turns to steam and evaporates; this too can be reflected in the emotions of anger and loss. With this in mind it would be helpful if our emotions were more like a stream of fresh flowing water constantly moving forwards. If a stream becomes blocked it becomes stagnant and muddy, just as our emotions become clogged and cloudy when blocked.

How Can Crystals Help?

Crystals have the ability to transform stagnant energy by getting below the surface and to the exact root of the problem. Emotional wounds can lock up our energy so that we can live our life to the full. Crystal can help to heal these wounds and help to restore our equilibrium and free our energy. Crystal healing uses some very effective techniques to release trauma without the need to re-live the traumatic event. They can help the emotional body reintegrate the energy involved which is an important part of healing.

Watery Crystals

Moonstone  - and Selenite have a natural affinity to the element of water. These stones help to stabilize the emotions our emotions at the same time as balancing our body fluids.
Aquamarine – this stone relates to the watery element of the emotions, especially when a build-up of  painful experiences has perhaps caused us to take on phobias of any kind. When the thymus gland becomes stressed due to emotional debilitation, it needs the energy boost that this stone will provide.
Opal – loves water. This stone is an emotional mirror that can help to stabilize mood swings

Learning to work with Crystals

Training courses in crystal healing that you can study from home are available via Luna Holistics and offer a fully accredited qualification on completion. 

Luna Holistic Training Courses