Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Chakra and Crystal Therapy Treatment


Before the session, Client rated his stress as 1 ½ out of 4. He wanted to achieve tranquillity and calmness from the session. “I want to feel cleansing of my chakras which will enable the flow of energy throughout my body”.
He was familiar with crystal healing as had received some previous to this treatment and had also attended a crystal healing workshop.
I talked through the steps of the session with him beforehand, so he knew what to expect. I also asked him to remove any metal jewellery and watch and to make sure he was wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing.
A bed was set up on the floor on the veranda, fitting with the north/south alignment.
I began by asking the crystals permission to use them for healing today and to dedicate the session
to the highest good of the client. I then tuned in with Client by connecting our breathing.
I started the session with a clearing exercise to open and balance the chakras. I used 6 smoky quartz
crystals and placed them at points around his body to form a 6 pointed star, (2 x pointing inwards at
The elbows, 2 x pointing inwards at the knees, 1 pointing upwards between the feet and 1 pointing
upwards from the crown). I used a clear quartz terminator as the generator crystal and began at the
crown of his head, walking slowly in a clockwise direction, connecting all 6 points, to create an auric
seal around the body. I repeated this 5 times, each time feeling the energy getting stronger between
the generator and the other crystals. It felt like a magnetic draw between them and a clear seal
began to form around his body. After 10 minutes, I asked Client how he felt. He replied, “I am
relaxed and I feel levelled out. Around the 3rd or the 4th time you circled me, I could feel something
going around me. I feel safe inside my seal.”
I then began a clearing and strengthening exercise. I placed the following crystals on his chakras in the following order:
Third eye (amethyst), heart (rose quartz), solar plexus (citrine), sacral (carnelian), crown (clear
quartz), base (red jasper), throat (blue lace agate).
I used a clear quartz above the crown, pointing downwards and rose quartz between the feet,
pointing upwards. Making small circles in a clockwise direction with a clear quartz crystal in my
right hand; I moved slowly clockwise around the body three times, connecting the top and bottom
crystals. After 15 minutes, I asked Client his reactions/feelings. “I felt a strong energy drawing out of
my third eye, through the amethyst. I felt a pull from the right side of my head as you passed it, after
that the feeling stayed. It felt overall a stronger effect than the first clearing practice. I feel relaxed and nice. Energy felt like it was being drawn out of the sacral chakra.”
Next, I continued onto the opening and balancing sequence; using 7 small crystals over each chakra
and 6 smoky quartz crystals around the outside of the body, all pointing upwards; one on the crown,
two next to the elbows, two outside of the knees and one between the feet. Using a clear quartz the
terminator as the generator crystal, I slowly circled the outside of the body clockwise 7 times, to link
crystals to form an auric shield. Next I ran the generator crystal from the feet, through the chakras to
the head, and back, 5 times. Holding my hands 4-5 inches above the body, I balanced out the
chakras using the palms of my hands, pushing the energy up and down, until I could feel it equally in
both palms. I am also a reiki II practitioner, so this practice in particular was very strong. I could feel a definite magnetic like pull from the crystals and at time whilst I was circling Client, I felt slightly light headed. To instill energy, I rotated the crystal in a clockwise direction, with the point facing down decreasing the circles until the crystal made light contact with the stone chakra that felt weaker. 


To clear energy from some chakras, I circled the crystal, with the point facing toward me, away from the chakra, increasing the circles as I withdrew. I also used my hands above the chakras to clear them;
with my receiving hand over a chakra and my sending hand out to the side(holding the crystal pointed
downwards), to dispel blockages/negative energy.  Client commented on his impressions of this
treatment, “I felt a huge draw of energy when you were balancing the chakras. Circling the crystal
seemed to increase its intensity. I felt more and more like I was slipping into total relaxation. When
you put the crystal on the crown chakra, it was really powerful, it was clearing out some stuff. I feel really balanced now.”
During the building treatment, Andy commented, “When you were working on my sacral chakra, the stone felt like a really heavy weight, in a good way. I felt your presence there when you were working on it. When you were circling around me, I didn’t feel like it was focusing on any one point, but I could feel the overall effect of a feeling of security. During this part of the session, I felt more awake, compared with the clearing treatments”.
Finally I arranged the crystals into the ‘expanding consciousness’ formation; crystals pointing outwards either side of the neck and ears, either side of the ankles and feet and one pointing upwards between the feet. I used a clear quartz double terminator above the crown chakra. I made 7 slow figure of 8 movements clockwise to link all of the crystals. At the end of the session, I visualized closing down Andy’s chakras and thanked the crystals for all the healing they had provided.

After 15 minutes, I gently brought Client back into the world. He made the following observations, “I felt minty and zingy around my ankles. I feel really good, like I’ve been refreshed. I am relaxed but not in a tired way at all. I could feel the figure of 8 movements over me, it was nice. I’ve had indigestion most of the day and it’s gone now.”
Points for evaluation: It would beneficial to have a treatment bed so it is easier for the therapist to hover hands over the client, keeping the distance closer.
I was really surprised by how connecting the outside crystals, really added to the client’s feeling of safety and security. I enjoyed practicing the different arrangements and believe the treatment was really powerful.

Currently we are living in Honduras and are about to relocate. I am planning on expanding my crystal collection and purchasing a massage bed. I hope to be able to offer crystal treatments to more people in the future and in the meantime I will certainly continue practising what I have learnt on family and friends. 


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