Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Crystal & Reiki Treatment

Crystal & Reiki Treatment

By Reiki Master

Case Study

The treatment that I decided to give is Chakra Balancing with crystals and Reiki ( I'm a Reiki master).
The client laid down and start to be comfortable.
I began the treatment with a   Jade Pendulum, reading all chakras.

The client base, sacral, solar plexus chakras was balanced, but the heart, and throat was a little week, and brown and crown chakras was completely blocked.

Before the treatment the client told me about headache , some time  like migraines, and she is suffering from insomnia.
I decided to try me best to open up the chakras and balance them.

1. I take 6 clear crystals quartz and place them: one - crown, one be twin feet, 2 next to the elbow, 2 next to the knees.
    All crystals pointing upwards.
2. Now I place crystal over each chakra: base-red jasper, Sacral -carnelian, Solar Plexus - Citrine, Heart- Rose Quartz, throat -aquamarine,
    Third eye - Amethyst, Crown - clear quartz.
3.I use the crystal clear quartz wand like a generator,   to link the outside crystal to form a protective seal. 
4. I run my wand-generator strait up from the feet through the chakras to the head, then down from the head to the feet 5 times.
5.Now I balance the chakra energy, using the palm of my hand smoothing out any build energy I feel. I hold wand point facing downwards in my
    sending hand over the chakras to be balanced  and rotate the wand in a clockwise direction.
6. Next I went to throat chakra where the energy blocked, hold my receiving hand over the chakra ( 4-6 inches above ) and a wand, point facing 
      downwards    in my sending hand out to one side of me, rotate the crystal anti-clockwise down by my side, try to lifting out the blockage.
      I use myself as a transmitter, lifting out the  negative energy with my receiving  hand and out through the wand at my side.
7. I repeat same with Third eye and Crown chakras.
8. Now I balance each chakra from crown to base by hand using reiki to instill positive energy to each chakra and balance them,  with some symbols.
9. I took a final reading with the pendulum dowsing, with showed a nice energy flow true each chakra, I close them not to take any negative energy.
10. I give a thanks to the client for receiving the treatment.

After the treatment I try to explained to my client the energy work and advise to use a amethyst necklace for the migraine and continue see the doctor

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