Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Feng Shui & Crystals

Feng Shui & Crystals

Working with crystals and feng shui can be extremely helpful. Learning about the different sectors and what you can do to overcome problems in these sectors are all taught in this Feng shui diploma course. 

Some common symptoms of suffering from clutter and the areas responsible are

v     Being overweight (health sector)
v     Stuck in bad relationship patterns (love sector)
v     Constantly the subject of gossip (reputation sector)
v     Drowning in debt (prosperity sector)
v     Constant bad luck (family and ancestors sector)
v     Creative blocks (creative sector)
v     Constant criticism and negative attention (wisdom sector)
v     Overworked and underpaid (career sector)
v     A feeling of being trapped with no way out (travel and mentors sector) 

Curing with Crystals

Crystals are objects that almost always create positive chi so there is no "bad" place to hang a crystal however here are some basic suggestions as to where to place certain types of crystals and stones to enhance the basic sectors of the Ba gua. They can be used all around the house to deflect negative energies.

Health sector. Crystals that are tear or pear shaped work best in this sector. Yellow crystals are best. Yellow topaz and citrine are also good stones also enhance this sector.

Love sector. Pink crystals in the shape of stars or hearts are ideal Rose quartz, pink tourmaline; carnelian and pink sapphires are good stones draw the positive energies associated with love to you.

Fame and Reputation. Red and orange crystals and star shaped crystals help you become a star.  Jasper, carnelians, raw rubies and garnets are good stones to display as a collection in this area.

Prosperity sector. Crystals shaped like ingots; goldfish and horses are ideal for this sector of the Ba gua. Green, purple and red crystals as well as stones such as raw emeralds, raw rubies, garnets, carnelians, amethysts, iolite, jet, mica, agate, amber, tiger eye and jade attract money into your life.

Family and ancestors sector. White and black crystals are best for this area. A collection of smoky quartz is best for healing damaged relationships.

Creative sector. Star and heart shaped white crystals that reflect a lot of rainbows create joyful vibrations in this area.  Pink topaz or pink quartz can also help facilitate communication between you and your child.

Wisdom sector. White and purple tinted crystals best suit this area as do clear quartz crystals, meteorites, sapphires, lapis lazuli and balsite.

Career sector. Green crystals shaped like stars also work here, as do collections of jade, emerald, citrine, peridots and other green and yellow colored stones.

Travel and Mentor sector. White or black crystals that are globe shaped best suit this area as do rock collections that feature stone from the agate, quartz and diamond family.