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Understanding Amber

Amber (Anbar - derived from Arabic)  is not actually a stone or a crystal but rather a fossilised resin which comes from the coniferous trees. And although not a crystal this has been used for hundreds of years as a precious gem and its healing properties. As this stone is light enough to float on water it has been found in may places all over the world. The main source of amber comes from South America and Baltic coasts of Europe. Did you know that most amber that exists today is aprox between 30 and 90 million years old.

Amber was and still is worn as a talisman to attract good luck and for protection. If you are wondering what to buy for a 10th wedding anniversary then amber would be a good choice.

Healing functions of Amber

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  • Life energy (invigorates the body's systems
  • Eases tension and helps with nervous disorders
  • Boosts energy and encourages enthusiasm
  • Help with clear and sharp thinking

How to use Amber

  • Place a piece of amber on the forehead and brow to encourage clear thoughts
  • You can energise your brain and nervous system by lying down and placing Jet between the feet and Amber above the head, near the base of the spine and in each hand. 
  • Release nervous tension by running a piece of Amber along the spinal column, head to feet and do this several times. 
  • Amber can be used as a popular chakra cleanser. 
  • Teething beads made from amber have been used with great success for many years. 

Different Colours of Amber & Effects

Black Amber - Used for psychic protection 
Red Amber - Ideal used as an alternative for a grounding stone. Also used to stimulate sexual desires.
Golden Amber - Promotes self love and acceptance. Helps to repair damage to the Aura.
Green Amber - Helps with spiritual growth and can be used for grounding and purifying.
Honey Amber - Aids us in releasing blockages that can hinder our spiritual growth.

Using Amber in Crystal Therapy

Although Amber as stated above is not a crystal it certainly has its uses in therapy and offering treatments. This is one stone I would recommend you have as part of your crystal collection

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