Monday, 24 March 2014

Crystal Magic


Colour and planetary associations are covered later to enable you to create your own lithomancy set using small tumblestones.

Though the crystal colours you choose, seemingly at random from a drawstring bag are one indication of meaning, what you feel and see as you hold each crystal you have chosen is the best source of psychic information.

The method operates on the principle of psychokinesis, the natural but often undeveloped instinct whereby we are drawn by unconscious prompting, in this case to choose the right crystal without looking, to give us the answer we need.

Creating your Crystal Casting Area
Draw a circle about a metre in diameter.
You can create a temporary circle in sand, earth or with stones on grass.
You can draw it on paper in chalk or pen.
Sit or kneel facing the circle.

The closer to the circle the crystals fall, the greater the significance, either in the immediate or long-term future, and they usually suggest independent action or an original solution. They can also indicate key strengths in your personality that will be of help to you right now.

Crystals that fall mid-way represent the need for cooperation with others and for working within the constraints imposed by the current situation. They indicate negotiations, whether to persuade others of your point of view or to adapt your plans or actions so that you can fulfil at least part of your plans.
Crystals near the edge talk of matters where right now fate or other people are steering the course. You may have to accept that there are obstacles or opposition you must overcome in order to move forward.

The area outside the circle represents the unexpected, what has not yet come into your life, both opportunities and new contacts or influences. Waiting a few weeks may be advantageous.

Casting the Crystals

Ask a question. As you formulate it in your mind, place your power hand, the one you write with, in the bag of crystals.
Take as much time as you need until you select three crystals that feel right.
Hold these three crystals in your cupped hands over the centre of the circle as you open your hands.

Interpreting the Reading

Note the first position of the crystals and how they are divided between the circle areas. If they are divided between areas of the circle then matters are complex and there may be unfinished business before you can move forward. Maybe there are different factors or approaches that need to be brought together.
Next, hold each crystal you cast on the cloth in turn in cupped hands in the order that feels right.
Then hold all three together and see what the combined energies tell you.
You can also select a single crystal each morning from your crystal bag without looking, to alert you to the mood of the day ahead and suggest the strengths you will need. Carry it as a talisman in a tiny purse.

The above is just a small extract from the following course: Advanced Crystal Magic Diploma Course

Monday, 3 March 2014

Crystals for Weight Problems

Weight Issues and Crystals

We are all aware that being overweight brings increased risks of developing diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and no amount of other ailments. Weight gain can also occur as we get older, especially around the time of menopause. Although a little weight gain at this time is acceptable it is important to keep your hormone levels in balance. 

How to lose weight

We know the theory - Eat less calories than we use and hey presto we lose weight, however we know this is not always as easy as it sound. However being too thin also has its problems and are more prone to osteoporosis and have less resistance to influenza, pneumonia and other illnesses. 

Gem Essence

Iolite aids in lessening fatty deposits in the body and helps to release toxins. Metaphysically, fatty deposits are linked to stored negative emotions and toxins are said to be linked to old belief  systems. Iolite will allow you to see your true potential, and can also help to alleviate addictions. It can help us to understand our addiction and why we have developed a craving for a certain type of food for instance. 

How to make Gem Essence


1 Lolite, tumbled


Make gem essence ( see how here) for full information and take as directed. 

You can also learn a lot more about healing with crystals by taking a crystal therapy course.