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How to complete a Crystal Therapy Consultation

Crystal Treatment for Anxiety & Stress

My male Client came to me for the healing purpose of his anxiety and stress related issues. I gave him a glass of water to hydrate himself and then asked to elaborate the problems he is experiencing. He said that he feels very much anxiety and becomes stressful while facing any situation. He was feeling stress even when he was describing his conditions. He said that every new opportunity makes him feel uncomfortable and stressful. He is not efficient to deal with the situational changes. He was lacking adaptability with changing situation.

I decided to work with the crystals for his problems. So I begin with explaining to him about the crystals and how they are formed. I told him that crystals are very helpful for healing and manifestations. He asked me about how the crystals work? So I explained that the energy contribution takes place in the formation of crystals. This gives power to receive and release energy to the crystals. I also said that crystals can be programmed according to the purpose we want to accomplish. I gave him a little knowledge of the crystal types and their use as jewellery and in grid formation. I show him a few crystals that I have and in short described the healing qualities of them.

Then I asked his permission for the healing. I decided to use cleansing recharging and balancing layout to address his condition. In this layout as a healer I place a stone which fits to the colour of the chakra. This may lead to boost the energy of each chakra and while doing so it also takes care of the overall balance and harmony of the chakra.

I used red jasper (total 3). One was placed at the roots of the spine. Other two were placed each side of the top of the leg. Then I gave intention to them for balancing root chakra. This may help survival instinct and also balance the emotions of self defence. Thus it may lead to control the anxious nature. He felt strong sensations as I placed these crystals. He felt energy released from the root chakra.

Then I placed an orange carnelian to sacral chakra. This may balance the chakra of creativity and productivity. This may lead to creative thoughts. I did so negative thinking pattern can be controlled and replaced by thoughts of creativity. He felt relaxation in lower back region.

Then I placed citrine between naval and rib cage. Citrine is yellow stone and very effective for the solar plexus chakra. Solar plexus is the centre of prana also known as chi. stabilizing this may lead to stable thoughts and also reduce it is the centre of personal power and confidence. Balancing this may increase confidence and person can face difficult situations calmly.

Then I placed aventurine at the heart chakra. This is the green colour stone. Heart chakra has green colour so aventurine is fit for the chakra, Heart chakra is the centre of emotional drives. If healer balances this chakra he may easily create positive effect on clients’ emotional stability. As I put this crystal Mr. Dilip Pradhan felt cooling sensation on entire chest region.  Many times over activated heart chakra may lead to anxiety and emotional imbalance. 

Next comes the throat chakra and it is the centre of expression, original thoughts, and communication. It covers throat and entire shoulder region.  It has blue colour. So I used blue agate for this chakra. It is beautiful blue colour stone and it has ability to remove the negativity. He felt relaxation on shoulder region.

Third eye comes the next in the chakra balancing procedure. It is the centre of intuition and psychic powers. It has indigo color. It has effect on memory and sleeping habits. I used Lapiz to balance this chakra. I gave intention to the crystal to balance the chakra and placed Lapiz in the region between eye brows. After placement he felt like energy has been released to the stone form the chakra and he felt tingling sensations o the third eye chakra.

The crown chakra is the top of head. It has dark violet or purple colour. It is the connection between human and higher realms. It is the chakra that controls all brain functions. It is the chakra of deep peace and oneness. I selected amethyst for this chakra which itself is having dark violet shed colour. I put it just above the top of head and gave intention to the stone to balance the crown chakra. 

Then I allowed the client to be with the layout for 20 minutes. I told him to release any emotion if feels so during the process. I also prayed to the archangel Raphael for the healing to take place as behind angel therapist.

After 20 minutes I brought him out of the beautiful meditation like experience. I asked him about what he felt and he said that tingling sensations on third eye gradually diminished. He also felt strong sensation on root chakra and solar plexus region. He felt energy was released from these two chakra. He described the beautiful relaxation he had. He was very much relaxed after the process.

I showed him few more crystals which were not used in layout. I asked him to choose one out of them which appeals him. Crystals should be selected intuitively than logically. He selected clear quartz. 

I asked his permission to program the crystal on behalf of him. He allowed me to do so. Then I programmed the crystal for peaceful and relaxed attitude with following affirmation:

“I am now peaceful and relaxed for all activities and duties I do. I am guided by the divine intelligence for being joyful and serene. “

I told him to recite this affirmation seven times. Then gave him the crystal to keep it with him and look at this whenever he feels anxious again.

After few days he said that his anxiety has gone and he is very much peaceful in the situation where he was previously feeling stress.


Source: Luna Holistic Student

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