Thursday, 18 September 2014

Minerals and Crystals


 All minerals growing within the earth have powerful energies, containing the stored natural elemental powers of their formation over millions of years, shaped by volcanic heat and waters soaking deep into the ground.

Some like black obsidian are not crystals at all but natural glass created by sudden cooling of flowing volcanic lava. Grey and fawn fulgurite is formed immediately when lightning strikes sand.


Others are organic, such as pearls, or made of fossils or, like golden amber, from fossilized tree resin, often containing plant or insect material.  Green olivine sometimes has extraterrestrial origins when found in stony iron meteorites.

Ancient peoples believed that crystals fell from the heaven as gifts from their ancestors. This notion is not so far from the truth. All the particles that make up matter once originated within the hearts of old stars. When these stars exploded, their particles were scattered throughout the universe and re-formed as new stars and planets. 

The idea that every stone has special magical healing properties for crystal healing can be traced back through the European literature of the early Middle Ages right back to their sources in Greek Roman and Arabic philosophy, which in turn owe much to the Ayurvedic traditions of India.

For many centuries, because the origin of disease was unknown, healing and in particular crystal healing as part of a healer’s toolkit was linked with magic and superstition. Crystals have always been considered special, extraordinary, and even supernatural.

The people who carried, wore or used crystals believed that the crystals would imbue them with some of the power belonging to these spiritual realms, which of course is viewed as a form of ethereal healing. In Egypt the Pharaoh and his priesthood, who prized turquoise as a symbol of fertility, life and joy, practiced ethereal healing.


The oldest crystal that has been discovered, so far, has been dated to 4.4 billion years old.  The age of this crystal has challenged all thought about how old the planet earth really was when it’s cooling formed the Earth’s crust and life began. This crystal was mined in northwestern Australia and is one of several tiny silicon specimens extracted from these mines.


How a crystal or gem is cut can bring out its true nature. The lustrous cat’s eye formation you find in gems such as yellow chrysoberyl or green alexandrite needs to be expertly cut into a dome shaped cabochon to display its effect to full advantage. The same applies to gems that have a six or twelve-rayed start, such as ruby, sapphire or flash opal with its constantly flickering rainbow of colour.

Jewellery has been one of the most popular ways of showing off gems and crystals, and benefit from their magical empowering and healing properties directly through contact with the body, namely the skin. 

Traditionally, earrings have been thought to protect the mind from psychological harm; necklaces and pendants have been thought to protect the heart from emotional manipulation and attract love; bracelets or armbands reach out to attract abundance and opportunities to us.  

Belt buckles protect and empower the solar plexus and sacral energy centres of the body that control will-power, self confidence, needs and desires.

A ring on any finger of the hand denotes lasting love, friendship and health continuing in an eternal cycle. The use of jewellery, amulets and talismans will be covered in more detail in part two of this course.

Anniversary and birthstones are ways of using polished and faceted crystals and gems as tokens of profound devotion and affection or, if bought for yourself a symbol of self-worth, and invariably attracting luck. 

Tumblestones are a relatively inexpensive way to collect a variety of stones and they can be used as worry stones, put on show around the home or cast in divination.

Geodes of yellow citrine or purple amethyst with lots of tiny, sparkling crystals crammed inside are natural decoration, as are large pieces of dendritic limestone, which are viewed by some as the abstract paintings of nature. Different stones, such as soapstone and green verdite, are often used to make carvings of animals and statues.  These act as power symbols of the qualities we want to attract, for example, the focus of a hunting eagle or the courage of a lion.

Extract from Crystal Magic Advanced Diploma Course available for home study from Luna Holistics