Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Aura Cleansing


When working with crystals you will be aware that the aura and chakras often need clearing and balancing. Below is a case study of a complete Aura Cleansing Treatment -

Client is a 37 year old women who has a high power job but is finding life tough after losing her
Mother 9mths ago. She is generally in reasonable health, no medical conditions affecting her just the
devasting loss of her mother wearing her down.

Room Preparation

The therapy room to be used for the aura therapy healing treatment was warmed to a comfortable temperature to help relaxation with subtle lighting and had be pre cleansed with incense.A lightly fragranced candle was lit and soothing music was playing in the back ground.


Loose, white overall to protect oneself from negative energy was put on.
I mentally prepared myself to protect me from any unwanted energies.
Watch and rings were removed. Hands were washed.
I gave Client a warm friendly welcome on completing the treatment form l asked her
to lie down on the therapy couch and make herself comfortable. To close her eyes relax
and to let the stress and strains of the day drift away.

I scanned the aura of my client with my hand (palm side down) slowly moving around the body
to pick up any energy impurities; my hand was quickly drawn to an area around the heart
chakra and solar plexus. My hand felt as though it was being dragged through the area almost
as though it was a dense mass and felt very sticky.  Keeping my mind focused on the client’s
aura and this dense mass I started moving my hands in a slow deliberated manner
concentrating all the time on the act of clearing the aura.

With my fingers outspread and using them as an auric net to detach the harmful energies from
the patient's aura I could actually feel and visualise the separation as l removed the impurities
from the client’s auric field. I cleared my hands by moving them as thought l was wiping them
and visualising the letting go of any impurities, before repeating this motion again in the clients’
auric field. I repeated this drawing out motion 3 more times till I felt the impurities had been
removed. Once l was happy that this area had been cleared l scanned the auric field again and
was confident the aura was free from impurities I closed the client off and put a protective line
around her. I stepped away from the client and give thanks for the help and healing guidance,
and protected myself.

As my client come round from the treatment she became quite emotional about the
whole experience but felt as though a load had been shifted from her with a feeling of release.
I gave her a glass of water to help ground her and she thanked me for the treatment.

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